Premier Property Management
2 Beech St, Ste 203 Hallowell, ME 04347

Premier Property Management

Full Service  Property Management in Central Maine


Why Outsource Property Management Services, Anyway?

Headquartered in Hallowell, Maine and founded in 2015, Premier Property Management was formed to meet a growing need in Central Maine. As restoration of historic spaces, new construction, and redevelopment of community assets becomes a prevalent driving economic factor, property management services are of higher demand, to maintain and improve upon the work being done to these spaces.

Premier sets itself apart in two ways: we provide a complete property solution, helping property owners save money on utilities and resources, and provide responsive service to tenants that results in lasting relationships.

"A great property manager shops for the best rates, invests in improvements, develops tenant relationships, and maintains a property from the perspective of building a sustainable business for the future." - Candid Hill, President, Premier Property Management




2 Beech St, Ste 203

Hallowell, ME 04347

(207) 480-1513

Services Provided

Snow removal and sanding

Premier employs a fleet of plow trucks that will work overnight and through storms to prevent the disruption of regular business. We know you need to get to work, and we will work to get you there.

pavement and walkway maintenence

Potholes, cracks, dips, and frost heaves are a reality in Maine, but they don't have to become a burden. We can help you fill in potholes, find the best contractors to repave roads and driveways, paint parking lines, provide signage, and improve the appearance and functionality surrounding the exterior of your space. Call us for a quote, today! 

landscaping and gardening

People purchase with their eyes: we shop online, through photos, and visual cues. A well-groomed exterior is important to the aesthetic value of a space. We provide a range of seasonal and ongoing services to keep your property looking sharp!

cleaning and trash removal

The interior of a space is just as important as the exterior! We provide trash removal and dumpster services, as well as regular cleaning and seasonal touch ups to your space. Not sure where to start? We can provide a quote and recommended service schedule to steer you in the right direction!

Leasing, billing, and rent collection

There's more than meets the eye, when managing property, especially, when the task involves getting paid. We provide the organization and skill set to help you generate the most income from your property, and we will even send the bills! Contact Candid for more on billing practices including, separate utility billing, rent collection, taxes, lease drafting, and more!

heating and cooling maintenece

AC offline? Oil prices haunting your dreams? Our expertise lies in saving you the most money on these costs, backed by our extensive knowledge in commercial HVAC systems, by maintaining these systems, and helping you to invest in more cost-effective options when you're ready to. 


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